Good news again, dudes!) This morning quite unexpectedly a new loop of sound information came from us from a "white hole". We are happy to share with you a new piece of sound generation. We present to your attention the debut work of the Russian-Brazilian Jedi - Maxim Aqupunktur and Guilherme Moormops. Free EP for your ears.

All surroundings has unique frequency, that inscribed in the Great Symphony of Universe.

Among the times gurus, scientists and musicians were digging that idea. They were searching for that sacred frequencies, recording and fixing them, and were trying to understand how those frequencies and different sounding affects on reality and how we can use it to change it, until this sound was found in deep, dark swamps that lay behind dense forests!!

Sonic Chakras presents: VA SONIC QUAGMIRE!!!

MoOka is Alexander Dubkov from Moscow, Russia.

"Once I found myself in the middle of nowhere covered by a wave of something very smooth and boundless, it is a big challengeto find words to describe this feeling. Some people say that it is eternity and unity with everything around, I was feeling like everything in this particular moment.

When the wave got down a bit, I found myself enjoying a night on one of the beautiful Goa dancefloors where I heard magical psychedelic trance. Magic was all around, stars in the sky and wonderful creatures. Since that time I got connected and started to crate vibrations inside myself by playing dj-sets and creating my own music”

Tragically Sasha died in 2014, fighting with cancer.

A unity of Russian labels is proud to present you MoOka music which has been created in the last years of his life. We believe that you will enjoy the spirit and vibe of his sound as we do and it will live in the hearts forever, timeless.

All tracks written and produced by Alexander Dubkov;
Track 2 w/p with Pratik Vaid;
Track 4 w/p with EgorShutov;
Track 5 w/p with EvgeniyMokus and Pavel Kulyabin.

This is a free download release. Donation is not a must but will be highly appreciated. All funds collected will be sent directly to MoOka family.

Free download

© All rights reserved. Insomnia Records, Organic Alchemy Records, Sonic Chakras Records. 2015.

Turn on, tune in and drop out, fellows! Good news incoming!!

Sonic Chakras team is glad to announce second digital free release in our spicy sound forms menu! Here it comes - fresh'n'fat EP "Warm Moss", from rising russian psychedelic duo Propagul. Prepare for 4 outstanding tracks, that will lead u to interdemensional travel!


Sonic mindblooming forces proud to present u fresh nutrients for HeadBlooming experience!! Tune on and get ready for new specially selected blend from famous knobtweakers and tunegrowers.

Blends selected and combined by Meto MagicSeeds & Boris 604fx @ Sonic Chakra Blooming Headquarters

Everything dryed and cured by Master Monno @ Bimmilim-Soundlabs

Demos coming soon. Stay tuned.

01. AnnoyingNinjas - Kameltå
02. Papiyan - Charlie Sheen
03. Red eYe Jah - Ond Onsdag
04. Zoolog - Epidemic
05. Gnohm&420FX - KushKush (Sort Messe Remix by Lisbent)
06. 604 Magic Seeds - Swallow It part 1
07. Gnohm - Open Cluster
08. Madianbrains - Peak Signal
09. KnocKnock - Bestia Foris
10. Already Maged - Komarchiki

Once again Sonic Chakras brings u some fresh earpleasure from young'n'talended artist from Russia - Molchun, with his EP 'Habitat Spaces'. Deep'n'organic with fat basslines, it will lead u to Habitat Spaces. Welcome'n'have a nice trip! 

Download: COVER


Sonic Chakras Records and Real Vision Music pool their forces creating a journey in order to open minds.With the aim not just to fall in trance on the floor this assembly has the purpose to open concioussness while lean back and drift away.It was diligently taken care of a comprehensible sequence to assert that this voyage will be a pleasant one. This brew of extraordinary ingredients guarantees a trip through the sonic atmospheres of a visionary world of peace and dance.

Music has the power to move elements and give inspiration to every civilisation. So we called our support to the worldwide subculture we are living in "Sonic Visions" to express what we love so much.

Have a nice time.

 Little present from Already Maged to all psy music lovers.

You are invited to the old material. Released and unreleased tracks from 2005-2007 years. To share where my path took its inspired roots. "Tales of the future past" : Uncompleted and unpolished, these were forgotten as well... These parts were divided than and merged back together to bring the listener closer in garden where thy growth. Thanks to all the labels for their support in my beginning and Sonic Chakras for releasing "Further Samples".


Sonic Chakras glad to share good news again!
After 2 years of silence Attoya back again and finishing work in secret underground sound research laboratory. They have just synthesized some new sonic lifeform...
Long awaited second album from Attoya "Wooden Beatz" coming very soon!
Deep psychedelic atmospheres and recognizeble basslines and leads will hypnotise you and bring to wooden place fullfilled with unheard beatz and soundz, unseen wonderz, and untold mysticall expirience of magic forest.
Musthave masterpiece for forest psychedelic lovers!
Have a nice time.


Sonic Chakras Records is proud to present their next compilation called "Crystal Chakras". This compilation is the result of combining the two cohesive forces "Sonic Chakras" and "Crystal Power". This is a journey, passing through which you can feel the whole spectrum of deep psychedelic experiences and join the atmosphere of crystal light that fills your mind. We present you new forest vibration of projects across the planet Earth, have a nice time!


Finally, you have a long-awaited possibility to experience unique material. The second release of Sonic Chakras Records, debut album by Already Maged "Liber Scientia". Come and enter into a nine part ritual of this magic voyage to learn the free doctrine.


Sonic Chakras Records is proud to present their first compilation called "Danse Macabre".
After years of organizing parties in Russia, team of Sonic Chakras Records decided to tell the music story consisting of 11 episodes each of which is unique. In this story you will hear and see the synthesis of high-tech sound with the sounds of nature with all its depth and richness. Danse Macabre will your guide through deep rythms, psychedelic powerfull atmospheres, harmonious melodies & forest trippy moods.
We are happy to present a unique psychedelic vibes for dancefloors around the world. Have a nice time.