Stealth (Alexey) was born in Moscow, Russia. He has organized label Sonic Chakras together with eniChkin in 2005 & began to play music on the chilling stage. In 2010, when Oleg joined the label.. they released the first compillation - Danse Macabre. And now.. Already with Komarchiki, Olejan & 604fx continues to produce releases and organize the festivals. Alexey completely owns technics of game on CD, the special preference gives such musical styles as Forest PsyTrance, IDM, Trip-Hop, Experimental, Dubstep, Breaks & Jungle. All Stealth's sets have specialy deep atmosphere, psychedelic experimental rhythms & harmonious trippy moods. He play on many Russian's & european's psy club-parties, open-air parties and festivals.

The same as we loose the reality pixels in the weed clouds we loose the begining point of life vector of this guy. Moscow underground party community and psychedelic family start to groove and shake heads in da hip hop vibe when see Stealth on the road! Hip Hop maniac, psychedelic hooligan, electronic funky boy and one of the Sonic Chakras records label founder. Always smiling. No more tears and problems and other bullshit from hard life experience when Stealth is coming on the decks. Supervising chill out areas on all top underground Russian festivals. Sleep in his hip hop hat and trainers. Sometimes forget to fill in gasoline in his car but never forget to kill some killer bongs before road. Every new psychedelic season new tattoo on his body, new fresh blasting tracks in his case. From funky basses of experimental neuro funk through the cream of underground hip hop and in the end a killahertzs of fresh forest smells and hallucinogenic tunes. If you wanna have a trip through the Moscow underground subcultures in one face and one set, its only one guy you need to know. catch Stealth!